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Yanzi is a writer based in New York and Taiwan. Her work includes stage play, musical and film. 

She has won 11 Best Screenplay in reputable festivals around the world including Los Angeles International Film Festival(Indie Short Fest), Silk Road Film Awards Cannes, Rome International Movie Awards and London Independent Film Awards, and finalist in the Oscar Academy Awards qualify film festival—Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival.


The one-woman play ⟪Rushi: Three Reincarnations of a Chinese Women⟫ she wrote and composed has premiered in the east Broadway in 2019, and been invited to MUSEUM OF CHINESE IN AMERICA(MOCA) and announced by the main Chinese press SING TAO DAILY from the east coast.

The two full-length musicals ⟪Amour⟫ and  ⟪The Murder of the Babama Company⟫ she composed in 2013 and 2014, the latter won the BEST MUSICAL in the Taipei Fringe Festival.


Her goal is to create new works and materials to promote equity and opportunity for diverse theatre workers around the world.




2019年呈現由Bagela4Art娛樂公司製作,由姲之擔任編劇、演員及作曲的英文獨角戲《如許:一個中國女人的三生三世》,於東百老匯區的The Playroom Theatre演出,並在美國華人博物館(Museum of Chinese in America)舉行藝術家講座。

電影劇本獲得洛杉磯國際電影節、倫頓獨立電影獎、坎城絲路影展、羅馬電影獎、好萊塢金獎與五大洲國際電影節等十一項最佳劇本,以及入圍符合奧斯卡金像獎(Oscar Academy Awards)參賽資格之「羅德島國際電影節」(RIIFF)前八強。


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